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Two companies, one common goal: a partnership for learning success

Sally McDonald
Apr 23 2021

The best partnerships are formed through a shared vision and a drive to create customer success. 

It’s a statement that describes our partnership with Blendit Learning to a tee. We’re two companies that have combined our respective strengths and experience in the pursuit of a shared objective: to transform L&D into a long-term growth enabler. 

Here we’ll give you a brief overview of our strategic partnership, as well as the benefits it is delivering for our joint customers - and indeed, our own respective businesses. To get the full story though, you can download our case study here.

A partnership centred in synergy

It was October 2016 when Fuse Founder, Steve Dineen, connected with Mads Høj Jensen and Peter Simonsen, the founders of Blendit Learning - a leading digital learning consultancy based in the Nordics. The synergies were clear from the off: both parties are passionate about creating better outcomes from corporate learning, and both hold a strong - and unified - vision for what the future of L&D should look like.  

Fast forward to today and the Fuse/Blendit partnership is helping progressive global enterprises such as Demant, Siemens Gamesa, and Bestseller, to create active learning cultures that engage people and drive performance.

Partners in action: a journey to learning success

By blending the best in learning design with the best in learning technology, Fuse and Blendit are on a joint mission to set learning free from the restraints of traditional learning management (course-centricity, lack of engagement, poor experience, rigid frameworks, need we go on?)

So how does the partnership work in practice?

We like to explain it through the analogy of travel. After all, learning is a journey...

“The travel guide”
Blendit acts as the travel guide, providing the inspiration, guidance and support that customers need to help them on their way to active learning in the flow of work. 

“The transport”
Fuse then lays on the transport that takes the customer from A to B, connecting the learner with the best and most relevant content at the point of need. 

The destination?
A culture of actively engaged, continuous learning that ignites people and business performance.

a winning partnership

Mads Høj Jensen, the CEO of Blendit Learning describes the alliance as a “winning partnership” that’s fuelling better customer and business performance: “Through partnering with Fuse we’ve been able to build a very sustainable revenue model. Our customers typically sign up in three year cycles and because we see a very high renewal rate, we’re now able to plan our continued growth with much more certainty. On top of this - and as our customers begin to do more with the Fuse platform - we’re also seeing regular demand for add-on consultancy services. That’s great validation of the value we’re delivering.”

It’s a point that Fuse Founder, Steve Dineen, very much agrees with:This is a partnership that makes sense on every front. The benefits to customers are evident and by banding together, our respective companies are seeing additional - and recurring - revenue streams. Blendit becomes a ready-made SaaS business without having to develop or maintain any software, and in return, we’re jointly developing the market.”

To learn more about the Fuse/Blendit partnership, download the full story hereInterested to know more about partnering with us? 

We’re always seeking to partner with like-minded companies that share our vision for the future of learning. Contact our Global Channels & Alliances Director, David Wise, to learn more: david.wise@fuseuniversal.com.

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