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One Metric to Rule Them All in L&D

Aug 31 2021

What CEO doesn’t love a good profitability metric, benchmark or KPI? In L&D, as in all industries, profitability will always be paramount as an overarching business metric, with several other associated metrics, such as consolidation of platforms, increased employee retention and decreased internal communication costs. If you’re interested, there are seven more example-illustrated metrics in my blog The Top 10 Metrics That Matter in L&D for Profitability

I stand by these, but let me ask you this: what is any economic metric without agility? If it takes you five years to consolidate platforms, it may take you another five to recognise any value from that consolidation. And if your L&D platform can’t prove its worth by increasing employee retention tout de suite, it may not ride out the wave of employee attrition. 

Agility is everything. Or, we could call it Enterprise Agility, like McKenzie, which defines agile organisations as those that can quickly redirect their people and priorities toward value-creating opportunities.

It makes sense, especially during the pandemic, when everything’s gone from face to face to digital and moves much faster. Ultimately, at the end of the day, the success of any business will mirror its agility, and my Top 10 Metrics That Matter in L&D for Profitability are nothing if they don’t happen quickly. 

At Fuse, agility underpins everything we do. We understand that time is precious, work is hectic and there are a lot of distractions in even the most organised, proactive working cultures. Our platform is always evolving to cater to the increasing agile requirements of L&D leaders, and in this piece, we’re going to do a whistle stop tour of Fuse to show you exactly how we’re turbocharging accessibility to knowledge to drive performance and profitability. 

Time is Money

Everyone’s time is precious, yet many workers spend up to 20% of their week looking for knowledge at work. It’s knowledge that’s usually spread across many corporate systems with no easy way to get to the answers people need without breaking the flow of work.

As a learning and knowledge platform, Fuse gets the tacit knowledge outside of the heads of subject matter experts and into the flow of work. Our Knowledge Intelligence Engine watches, reads and listens to all the content users add or connect to Fuse. 

Using the latest machine learning techniques from Google, Amazon and Microsoft, Fuse generates a sending of every piece of content. Using AI, we can provide a faster, more accurate route to knowledge. Read more about how we are using AI in our new ebook, 4 Ways AI Can Power Up Digital Learning.

Concise Content is Key

When we said ‘knowledge,’ we didn’t mean courses. We meant bite-sized videos that can be watched in the flow of work, or concise articles that can be digested without leaving your desk. 

Fuse can also get much more granular than that. Fuse users can search within videos to find the exact piece of knowledge they need, because really, why take a whole course when all you want is an answer to one question? In fact, why watch a whole five-minute video when the answer is contained in the last 30 seconds? 

Agile, Intelligent Search

Fuse is breaking knowledge out of the box and bringing a Google-grade search experience to corporate learning. 

AI-powered search intelligence means that Fuse can begin to understand the intent of any user’s query into Fuse. This goes far beyond searching using keywords. Search intelligence uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to break down a user’s queries to understand them. As users type naturally, Fuse begins to understand their intent and pinpointing knowledge, meaning less time spent searching and better productivity. 

It’s empowering administrators and learners to create powerful, personalised feeds of knowledge designed to meet learning needs at an exact moment in time. It’s agility in L&D at its best, and it’s supercharging problem-solving, performance and profitability. 

Introducing Fuse Flow: The Supercharged Business Partner

Learning technology should always be about delivering assistance to help users perform better, and nothing embodies this better than Fuse Flow. 

Fuse Flow will mean Fuse will be with users everywhere they go. Fuse Flow works as a pop-up in your browser, detecting and understanding what you’re doing. For example, you may be a salesperson interacting with Salesforce. With Fuse Flow, you can highlight an account name within SalesForce, and Fuse Flow will deliver back all the knowledge contained surrounding that account to you - without ever leaving Salesforce. 

It means that as a salesperson, you have, in one user interface, an immediate better understanding of all the corporate knowledge and the opportunities that may exist for that account. Fuse Flow can also predict the most relevant knowledge and answers to support users seamlessly, saving them time and helping to boost productivity. 

Most importantly, Fuse Flow is agile. Because salespeople don’t have to log out of Salesforce to find the knowledge they need, Fuse Flow enables a bit of a one-stop shop. Think of it a bit like Google for business. If you’d like to learn more about Fuse Flow, check out our three-minute animated video

There’s More to Come

Super-joining Fuse Flow and Salesforce is only one example of the new agility between applications we’re introducing - in time we’ll provide more examples amongst different supercharged applications. And over the coming months, we’ll be explaining and introducing more new features and functionality designed to enable agility and to help companies keep up with the speed of change. 

If you would like to learn more about Fuse Flow, click here to book a demo today. 

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