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The Fuse tribal gathering

‘Look to the future now it’s only just begun’ intoned Slade in 1973 and now that December’s rolled around you can bet on hearing it pretty much non-stop for the next month. But the sentiment is apt, particularly with 2020 poised to leap over the threshold with a lump of coal in its hand.

And talking of coal, it takes more than pressure to create a diamond, despite what the rerun of Superman III on Boxing Day might suggest. It might take, for example, a gathering of some of the most innovative and forward-looking minds in L&D such as our recent FuseTribe20 event. That’ll do it every time.

Putting festive flippancy to one side for a moment, this really was a gem of an event. London’s elegant Grace Hall was the setting for FuseTribe20, a day of talks, panels and workshops with a focus on the future of learning.

Fuse CEO and Chief Storyteller Steve Dineen opened proceedings by laying out the roadmap for the industry, outlining Fuse’s vision for where L&D will be going in the decade ahead.

And to further cement this, he took the cover off Fuse's latest and most exciting initiative for 2020: Fuse Tribe Academy. (There's way too much to say about this in a single paragraph, so take a look for yourself right here - and you can also sign up to be for early access in 2020).

He was followed by Julian Stodd from Sea Salt Learning, who expanded on the theme of tribes, exploring the importance of trust in building communities (Julian, by the way, did a cracking webinar for us recently – you can see it right here).

Steve then returned with Fuse’s Rhys Giles to look at how curation helps build a culture of continuous collaborative learning. This talk included Stephen Walsh, CEO and Founder of Anders Pink, a groundbreaking content personalisation technology.

Rhys was then joined by Fuse’s resident data scientist Dr. Emma Schul to look at Universal Analytics – Fuse’s powerful new tool that helps learning leaders democratise data and bring an end to those pesky spreadsheets.

The day was rounded out with Fuse customers Lakeland, Demant and Lifetime Training sharing their best practices in a panel discussion with Fuse’s EMEA Director of Consulting Dave Westwood – a lively and insightful end to an amazingly productive day.

Aside, that is, from the networking drinks that followed which, if anything, were even livelier than the rest of the event – which is of the best that we’ve had the opportunity to host.

And of course, it won’t be the last. Watch this space for a whole plethora of Fuse events coming up in 2020…



Ant O'Neill
Nov 28 2019

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