Paving the way to rollout success

Moving over to a modern learning system can seem like a scary task. But are those fears really justified?

Many organisations approach digital transformation and the rollout of a new system with trepidation. The benefits of shifting from a traditional LMS to a modern Integrated Learning Platform can be vast, but the obstacles can delay businesses from firing up the ignition – or cause the process to seize before it’s even started.

This fear of rollout can be a major contributor to lack of growth. Certainly, it raises valid questions: Have we got the resources to do this? How do we get the team on board? Legacy systems can also be a sticking point and internal policies can also throw up obstacles, either in the form of procedures or people in gatekeeper roles.

But none of these need to be showstoppers. Ray Cairnes, Director of Consulting at Fuse Universal joins two experts from Alliance Residential – Topher Olsen, Senior Director of Learning and Development and Carmen Sublasky, Senior Instructional Designer – for a webinar where they share their experiences in paving the way for a great rollout.

Ant O'Neill
Aug 09 2019

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