Making your mind up

‘First you gotta speed it up…’ it’s stuck in your head now, isn’t it? But that’s just the thing. Some ideas and concepts go the distance; others don’t. The 2009-10 boom in virtual worlds turned out to be a whimper, whilst mobile delivery – a hot topic in 2014-15 – is now just business as usual for many L&D departments.

And although it might be a sad thought that Bucks Fizz have had a bigger lasting impact that Second Life, it’s a reminder that not all popular ideas are good (and we’re looking at you, vuvuzelas).

So what makes an idea take off in the field of Learning and Development (L&D)?

We explored this in our recent webinar with, Donald H. Taylor, chair of the Learning and Performance Institute. Only a few ideas move from a small group of fans to wider acceptance. Why do these succeed when others fail? Is it down to their innate value, to smart marketing, or a combination of things?

Drawing on wider research into persuasion, past trends in L&D, marketing and fashion, Donald explored how we make up our minds, and the influences on us as we make choices.

For learning leaders looking to unpick the social, environmental and psychological factors that impact decision making in the world of L&D, this webinar is essential viewing – and it’s available to view right now, for free.

That’s a lot easier on the ears than a Bucks Fizz comeback album. Mind you, that applies to most things.


Ant O'Neill
Dec 04 2019

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