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The Tribe Academy - Helping L&D in the Age of Search (and downloadable slides)

This year was my first Learning Technologies, and I was humbled to be invited to present about the Tribe Academy at the Fuse stand.
I love giving talks; I especially love giving talks that I'm deeply passionate about. They're a chance to connect with people outside your own network, and a chance to stir conversation which leads to learning new perspectives.
The thing is, I'm human. I'm not on the presentation circuit regularly delivering talks so every presentation starts with a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, one filled with nerves, and excitement.
Before I share my slides with you, I'd like to share a quick story about the lead up to my presentation. I hope that it offers anyone doing a subject matter expert interview, or a presentation some comfort in feeling a little doubt in yourself - trust me it's quite normal.

Let the Rollercoaster Begin

[5:30 am] ⏰ Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep.
My alarm goes off. 
I’m weary from Day 1 of Learning Tech, but I’m instantly awake.
Today, I’m presenting on the Fuse stand about the Tribe Academy.
I’m not presenting about LMSs, LXPs, ABCs, XYZs or any other variation of technological acronym. I’m talking about people. I’m talking about change.
Will they understand my story?
Do I have too many slides?
What if I changed this, and that...
My public speaking demons had arrived. And they were not welcome.
[6:00 am] 🖱️ Click. Fires up PowerPoint.
Half an hour practice won’t hurt, will it?
[7:00 am] 💬 Oh s**t! I’m meant to be on the train.
Run to the station.
Open up the presentation on my phone. Again...
[8:30 am] 🚄 Arrive at the ExCel.
Phew! Made it.
Time to grab a coffee and rehearse some more.
[9:00 am] 😫 Up to the sponsor's lounge to rehearse.
Grab my partner in crime, Nihal, she'll run through my slides with me and offer a level of "woosaah" (If you're unfamiliar watch Bad Boys -Will Smith Martin Lawrence)
[9:45 am] 😰 I’m on in an hour and this isn’t going as well as I’d hoped it would.
“Why are you overthinking it Ade, you know this”  says Nihal.
Why isn’t this flowing like it should?
I’ve done this presentation heaps of times, why am I fumbling it today?
[10:20 am] 😱 Time to stop, and mic up. 
I’ve not enjoyed rehearsals one bit.
Time's up, there’s not enough time to do another run through. 
Time to suck it and see.
[10:44 am] 💪 Into the fray. 
"You're nervous because you care, if you didn't care I'd be worried" whispered Jon, as he double checked my mic.
I smiled, thanked him and stepped on to the podium.
Deep breath.
[10:45 am] 😅 I open the talk.
“I want to tell you a story. Not about technology, I think you've heard enough about that. Not about process. You've probably heard enough about that too. I want to talk to you about change, change I’ve observed in my own son, Ashton."
I love telling this story.
What the hell was I worried about?
This story is easy to tell because it’s true, l’ve lived it, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
[10:46 am] 🎉 The Fuse stand is full. There’s no seats left.
The more I talk, the more people stop to listen.
[10:48] 🙌 People are now blocking the aisles between stands to stop and listen.
They keep coming.
[10:57 am] 🤔 I pause.
“Any questions?”
No hands go up.
Did they get it?
[11:00 am] 🙏 I close.
“Thank you and please do join me in the Tribe Academy”
Just like that it was over.
A morning of anxiety, finished in 15 minutes.
A quick round of applause and people began to dissipate.
But, wait.
A queue forms by my side.
People did have questions, they just didn’t want to ask them in a crowd.
“We loved your presentation, will you be sharing your slides”
“You’re absolutely right, your presentation really made me think. Your son just typifies the way we all learn now.”
“I’d love to be involved with the Tribe Academy, it’s exactly what we need. How do I sign up? How can I help?”

The Power of a Story

My story kept me calm.

It helped me forget the fancy slides, the growing crowd, and the noise.

My story allowed me to connect with the audience and avoid jargon because it was simple, it was real.

I know I'm not alone with the turmoil of the build up to public speaking, and I hope by sharing it you're all able to take a breath of relief.

My Presentation. My Story.

If you enjoyed my slides at Learning Tech, please feel free to download them. For those of you not there I've added narrative in place of my own speaking.


The Tribe Academy is a free global community being built by Fuse.  We're actively creating content, and would love your input on what you'd find most valuable.

If you'd like to sign up for the Tribe Academy please join us, and if you have any content suggestions, please comment below.

Ade Risidore
Feb 20 2020

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