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Learning Technologies 2020: Day One

It was a bright cold day in February, and the clocks were striking nine. The visitors, chins nuzzled into his breast in an effort to escape the vile wind, slipped quickly through the glass doors of ExCel London; Learning Technologies 2020 had finally begun.

And after months of preparations, we were able to draw back the curtain on our biggest stand ever, a gigantic audiovisual construction at J20 that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Pink Floyd tour.

And it provided the perfect stage setting for our packed day one agenda. Fuse CEO and Chief Storyteller Steve Dineen opened the day with a talk on how the digital transformation means raising the table stakes for learning leaders, with case studies from organisations who have made the shift to the new normal, where L&D is creating business value.

This was followed by a talk from Panasonic’s Bruce Swan, about how Panasonic’s switch to an Integrated Learning Platform delivered the business results that they wanted – a 26% increase in year-on-year retention and a 33% increase in agent NPS – and a return on their investment within three months.

Meanwhile in Theatre 8, Avon’s Becky Wender shared the story of Avon’s learning evolution after partnering with Fuse to create a globally scalable learning platform which puts the development of their people at the heart of everything they do.

Later in Demo Zone 2, the Fuse Tribe gathered for a demo of the Fuse Integrated Learning Platform – a session all bout the rewards to be reaped from developing a culture of continuous learning, with real-world examples of businesses who have increased engagement and performance by using a unique approach to unlock the knowledge, skills and techniques of experts within their organisations.

That’s on top of the other things that were going on in and around the stand. Almost everyone took away a bag of limited-edition Fuse popcorn, and some forward-looking learning leaders went home with our Modern L&D Toolkit – a box of goodies to help you add some professionalism to your videos. And the Fuse Content Team were on hand to offer advice on how best to use it.


And because Fuse is social to the core, we joined some of the Fuse Tribe for some networking drinks after the event.

All in all, one busy day – so much so that we barely had a chance to check out any of the other things going on at the event. Maybe tomorrow will be quieter…. but with another packed agenda, we doubt it, somehow.

Ant O'Neill
Feb 12 2020

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