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Learning Technologies 2020: Day Two

In the beginning, Learning Technologies 2020 opened its doors. This had made many people very excited and has been widely regarded as a good move. But all good things come to an end and after two packed days we had to wave goodbye to the last of our visitors and begin the gargantuan task of breaking down our biggest and pinkest stand to date.

Day two was every bit as much of a blast as day one. We began with heads that were not in any way at all bleary after the networking drinks the night before with Ade Risidore, Head of Product Education at Fuse, who took us through his vision for Tribe Academy. This is the exciting new initiative that we unveiled at FuseTribe20 last year, designed to help learning leaders stay relevant in the Age of Search. And you can pre-register your interest right here.

Fuse CEO and Chief Storyteller Steve Dineen took the stage a little bit later for a discussion on digital transformation – and how it’s raising the table stakes for learning leaders. This included case studies from organisations who have actually made the shift to the new world where L&D is delivering business results. creating business value.

To further prove the point, Cheryl Ogle and Bruce Swan from Panasonic presented later on in Theatre 8, discussing how their organisation’s shift to an Integrated Learning Platform has created provable business value. As well as seeing a return on their investment within three months, they also got the results that they were looking for: a 26% increase in year-on-year retention and a 33% increase in agent NPS.

We also sat down for a fascinating talk by (the always Fascinating) Julian Stodd from Sea Salt Learning on the wonder of curiosity and the challenges that seek to thwart it - including 'the violence of stories'.

And because we’re always looking to learn ourselves, we had a good old scour of the rest of the event. We were mightily impressed by Immerse’s VR learning solutions that allow learners to develop skills in situations that would be costly or even hazardous to rehearse in real life; a real vision for the future of learning.

We also enjoyed touching base with the Charity Learning Consortium, who have brought together over 180 charitable organisations to deliver high quality and cost-effective eLearning to over a million people; solid proof of what can be done when we all pull together.

Meanwhile on the Fuse stand, our popcorn machine was in overdrive and more than a few learning leaders went home with our Modern L&D Toolkit – a box of goodies to help you add some professionalism to your videos (and if you missed out, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you).

So that’s Learning Technologies wrapped for another year, but it was only the first of many Fuse events planned for 2020…. watch this space.

Ant O'Neill
Feb 14 2020

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