Who’s changing the face of learning at Learning Tech 2020?

...Apart from us, obviously.

We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet, partly due to modesty and partly due to the fact that we’re more Gibson-Les-Paul-through-a-wall-of-Marshall-amps folks. But we’d just like to mention that Fosway recognised us as a core leader last year – again – and Craig Weiss has just pinned us as the #2 learning system for 2020.

So we have a lot to be proud of – but resting on our laurels isn’t an option. The learning industry is evolving faster than ever before, and the days, weeks, and months ahead are bound to be exciting. Particularly the two days in February (that’s the 12th and 13th) when Learning Technologies 2020 is taking place at London’s ExCel Arena.

Suffice to say, we won’t be the only ones attending (although our stand at J20 will be one of the biggest and certainly the pinkest). Here are some other companies who are at the forefront of learning and who’ll be there in person.

Training Orchestra

Why blow just a trumpet when you’ve also got access to bassoons, timpani and a string section? This analogy is in severe danger of breaking down, so on with the motley. There’s life in the old LMS yet, which is something that Training Orchestra recognise. Their scheduling system lets businesses maximise their training budgets by working alongside existing learning systems to automate instructor-led training. Their ‘train more with less’ ethos extends to helping organisations track costs in real time. Head over to stand F10 for (ahem) the full score. Sorry.

Clear Review

Annual appraisals? So last year. It’s something that many organisations are increasingly recognising, and Clear Review are one of them. Their performance management software solution is designed to support year-round performance management, and is fully cloud-based – so it can be used on a phone as easily as a desktop. ‘Viewpoints’ allow the collation of data for reward and talent management, and future-focussed check-ins allow for frequent feedback and near-term performance management. You can do your own appraisal of their system on stand M23.

Charity Learning Consortium

Charity is something that’s very close to our heart. Fuse simply wouldn’t exist without our global educational charity FuseSchool, and our charity lunch last year was a roaring success. So we’re delighted to see the Charity Learning Consortium coming along to Learning Technologies 2020. They’ve already brought together more than 180 charitable organisations to deliver cost-effective, quality eLearning to more than a million people in the third sector across the UK. And they’re looking for more to join them. If you’d like to find out more about their networking opportunities, relevant workshops and their Charity Learning Conference and Awards, visit them on stand P24.


Delivering change in big organisations is a complex task – a fact of life that Filtered are trying to make simpler. Culture shifts take time and effort; and skills development on an enterprise scale is hardly a simple task. Personalisation is a powerful tool to achieve both, and Filtered’s Magpie system is designed to do just that. By making algorithmic personalised recommendations from existing, curated content, Magpie is designed to align the learning with a business’s priorities. It’s heady stuff, and they’ll be all too happy to tell you more about it at stand E15.


Virtual Reality isn’t just all about crossing swords with Darth Vader. It has huge potential in learning, as the (aptly-named) Immerse are quick to point out. They’ve developed a proprietary Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) – built for enterprise from the ground up, their platform enables companies to create, scale and measure virtual reality training throughout their organisation. They’ll be adding an extra dimension to training at stand C15.

GP Strategies Ltd

Digital transformation is shaking up every aspect of every business sector, and learning is no exception. It’s not just the technologies that need to change – the processes and mindsets often need aligning with the new world too. Which makes going it alone something of a scary prospect – and that’s where GP Strategies come in. As a workforce transformation partner, they focus on delivering custom learning solutions to help businesses make those critical changes – so their stand at K01 is well worth a visit.


Continuing on the theme of digital transformation, Udemy for Business have a solid track record in building a dynamic content marketplace that can keep companies stay competitive whilst they transform. With a global network of over 50,000 instructors creating courses on trending, popular, in-demand topics, they have over 3,500 courses covering everything from stress management to Linux administration, meaning that there’s something for everyone over at stand E25.

Open Sesame

OpenSesame are also big hitters on the course front, offering an extensive catalogue of eLearning courses from top publishers from all over the world. These are designed to tie in with existing learning and development programs, synchronising with a business’s LMS to make the courses simple to use and administer. Their stand at J55 is definitely worth a look for anyone looking to take the pain out of their eLearning courses.

LinkedIn Learning

As an industry giant, it’s hardly surprising that LinkedIn Learning have a accordingly gigantic library of courses on offer: over 15,000 courses taught by real-world experts. And with more than sixty being added every week, their course library is always up-to-date. This being LinkedIn, the social aspects are built right in to add an extra degree of interactivity and personalisation to the learning. They’ll be glad to tell you what’s on offer at stand N35. 


Despite what the name might suggest, you (probably) won’t find a selection of works by Picasso, Kandinsky et al at getAbstract’s stand. Unless they’ve published a paper or book about their work, in which case you just might. The abstracts on offer here are of a literary nature – whole books formatted into ten-minute summaries including top takeaways, a summary, and significant quotes – all designed to maximize knowledge retention using their own custom template. It’s a unique offering, so never mind the Pollocks – head on over to stand J55.

And this is just a fraction of the many, many businesses exhibiting and attending Learning Technologies this year. With learning becoming a significant driver for growth for any business, it’s an unmissable event, with a lot being packed into two days.

So. We’re looking forward to seeing you there, and make sure you see as much as possible – if you can drag yourself away from the Fuse stand at J20. Although with a line-up like this we’ll understand if you don’t quite manage to….

Ant O'Neill
Jan 23 2020

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