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How the experts say “no” to courses - and how you can too

Nihal Salah
Feb 25 2020

How the experts say “no” to courses - and how you can too

We know it’s really important to build strong relationships with business leaders. But what do you do when a business leader asks you for an intervention (say for instance, a course) and you know it’s not the right solution? How do you say ‘no’ 🙅‍♀️ without damaging the relationship you’ve worked so hard on building? 

I interviewed 🎙️ Dave Westwood, Director of Consulting at Fuse, to get the answer. 

Hope you find this episode useful!  




If you want to find out more about the '5 Whys' technique Dave mentioned in this episode, check out 👉 this post.

I hope you found this post useful😊. I'd love to hear your feedback and any questions you have on this topic. Just drop a comment below👇🏽. 

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