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How Engagement is Fuelling Future-Ready L&D

Jennifer Reid
Mar 05 2021

In the first post in our new engagement series, we looked at The Missing Link Between Learning and Enterprise Business Performance with several references linking to one of our most popular ebooks, Igniting L&D that Fuels Business Performance. In our ‘missing link’ post, we focused on the importance of engagement in driving learning that will actually result in achieving demonstrable business performance goals across the enterprise.

However, we’re not done with engagement just yet, and that’s because there’s a bit more to it beyond the essentials of engagement in learning. It’s important to look at what engagement can do for L&D in the here and now, and what it can do to make companies future-ready. 

With an intuitive technology platform like Fuse, it would be tempting to look entirely to technology to save the day and to fuel future-ready L&D. But the fact is, as with many business challenges, the solution lies in people, processes and technology, and it’s this combination of elements that companies should be looking to as they look to future-proof themselves. 

In Igniting L&D that Fuels Business Performance, we look at how engagement on all levels is driving learning and how it can help companies prepare for a future-ready L&D. Read on for a little taste of what the ebook has to offer.

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Igniting L&D that Fuels Business Performance.


What are the Ingredients for Success and Future-Proofed Learning?

If we want to see engagement in enterprise learning that will ultimately reap results right now and in the future, we can’t just throw a technology platform and a bunch of off-the-shelf courses at people to watch or listen to. Learning isn’t a spectator sport. 

In fact, Fuse was born out of an idea to counter this type of ineffective approach to learning in the enterprise because we already knew what many companies didn’t: culture comes first, and technology comes second. 

If we go by our known knowns, an active learning culture is one in which learning is engaged with frequently, for the benefit of people and the organisation - driving performance and the business forward. What it does is to empower people to go deeper, and to connect them with the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their skills and excel. 

Companies need to establish a culture of learning successfully first before they can look to technology to accelerate it. A big part of that culture is having people feel engaged with what they are learning, and as per our many customer examples, having engaging content is a big part of that. 

Resources, not courses. Learning in the flow: these are some of the fundamental concepts that drive Fuse. Achieving engagement is about giving people the information they need at the time they need it (reducing friction), and giving them opportunities to use that information in context, and in flow. 

Where does ‘future-proofed’ come in when we’re looking at L&D? Firstly, it means creating engagement and continuous learning that can, at any time, prepare learners for the future and allow them to upskill or reskill to accommodate changing business needs (and their own personal career goals.) 

Secondly, as recent events have shown us, future-proofing your business and making plans to improve business resilience are more important than ever before. With your workforce of engaged learners as one of your biggest assets, it makes sense to ensure that engagement is optimised at all times to continually deliver value, even in the face of volatility.

Dare to Differentiate

Learning content itself is a massively important part of an engaged learning culture. For an L&D plan to truly stand the test of time, people have to want to return to it again and again. So, how are we making this happen for our customers?  

We have a unique content methodology, which allows all of our clients to focus on creating really engaging content that captures knowledge, and bringing those together through video, internal articles, or even linking to external third party sites. For example, if there was a great piece of knowledge that sat somewhere, embedded in a video in a course - a relevant snippet that answers a question - we could bring that piece of knowledge to the fore. That’s pretty cool right? 

Again and again, we’ve also recognised that people engage more regularly and with more content when it demonstrates or captures the skill and knowledge of the best organisational performers. The subject matter experts. We’ve pioneered some great ways to get the best knowledge out of top performers, using unique interview techniques to capture and codify this great content. 

Our methodology also favours a digital capture first approach, which means our customers are producing content in just a fraction of the time that other organisations are taking to produce long courses. We’re proud of what our content methodology has enabled organisations to achieve. Click here to learn more about our content methodology, and how important it is to driving engaged learning.


This is just a sneak peek into what driving engagement in learning looks like across enterprises working with Fuse. We are connecting people with the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their skills and perform, and with the ability to be agile - this is what future-ready L&D is all about. 

We encourage you to find out more in Igniting L&D that Fuels Business Performance, where you’ll get insight into how Fuse is helping companies prepare for the demands of future learners and how to train, develop and upskill people with engaging learning embedded into the culture.

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