Knowledge on tap: Fuse partners with Grundfos

Pumps may not be the most visible of technologies but industries and people all over the world depend on them. Founded in 1945, Danish company Grundfos is a market leading pump manufacturer and water solutions provider, with an annual production of over 16 million pump units.

With these including everything from solar-powered devices to pumping solutions for some of the toughest conditions in the world, Grundfos is no stranger to challenge. For the particular challenge of bringing digital, social and user-centric learning experiences to 19,000 employees, Grundfos chose to partner with Fuse.

The next-generation mobile-first Fuse platform will enable Grundfos employees to access learning content and connect with subject matter experts, peers, and colleagues, anytime and anywhere. And as well as promoting a culture where knowledge sharing is recognised – and encouraged – Fuse will help Grundfos to leverage continuous learning to drive measurable business results and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Klaus Løwe Lantz, Head of Group L&D at Grundfos, said: “In today’s ever-changing business environment, it is more important than ever that we empower our employees to take responsibility for their own continuous learning and performance. In fact, to stay competitive, we depend upon our ability to up-skill and re-skill our workforce in a fast and agile way. This is why we have chosen the next-generation learning platform, Fuse. With Fuse, the individual employee can access learning content when and where it is needed, on any device. In addition, embracing user-generated learning content and knowledge sharing will allow Grundfos to better leverage the critical knowledge that today is reserved for a limited number of people in the organisation.”

Henrik Christiansen, Group Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Grundfos, added: “I am looking forward to seeing how Fuse can provide our organisation with more modern and user-centric learning experiences and at the same time enable the needed speed and agility in our skill building. This is what will enable us to create concrete business results and truly great customer experiences.”

With Fuse Founder and CEO, Steve Dineen, agreed. "The importance of building consumer grade learning solutions for colleagues has never been more important. We are delighted that the Grundfos team have recognised this and have chosen to partner with us to develop next-gen learning experiences for their workforce. Welcome to the Fuse Family, and we look forward to working closely with you over the coming months and years and ahead."

Read more in the press release here


Ant O'Neill
Apr 10 2019

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