FuseSchool - Free bite-size GCSE content to help support remote learners

Fuse Universal funds our charity Fuse School. It has an ambitious mission: to bring free education to children all over the world. And this isn’t just a goal – FuseSchool is a reality, available right now to everyone.

In this uncertain world, we're offering it as a resource to all of you. As schools close, we need to make remote learning a reality in the coming weeks and months. 

All of the material is free of charge and covers biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics – covering the entire UK GCSE curriculum 📖. It's been produced by teachers and broken down into engaging, easily-digestible bitesized content (similar to BBC Bitesize).

FuseSchool's content has been well received across the globe and currently has 46.8 million views and 309k subscribers on its 👉 YouTube Channel.

Here's a short video👇 to show you how to access FuseSchool.

I've also included a PDF document which includes the instructions and a few answers to FAQs. Feel free to download and forward ⏩ on to colleagues and friends. 

Download the pdf

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Please do feel free to share this with colleagues and friends. And if you'd like to share it with your children's school or teachers here's an email template we've created for you. 



I'm sure you and the staff are all busy doing contingency planning during this testing time, and I won't take much of your time.

The current situation is set to put more pressure on everyone, and I’d like to share a really useful resource.

FuseSchool is a free charity that provides valuable online learning – they’ve digitised the entire curricula for GCSE-level maths, biology, chemistry and physics. These have been broken down into easily-digestible bitesized lessons that can be accessed via desktop, laptop or mobile.

It’s much like the BBC Bitesize content, but with a focus on those specific topics. And all of the material is available free of charge. This content has been well received across the globe and currently has 46.8 million views and 309k subscribers - HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/VIRTUALSCHOOLUK.

Please consider it a resource should you need to make remote learning a reality in the coming weeks and months. You can see FuseSchool for yourself here

I wish you all the best with any preparations.


P.S I hope you find this resource useful. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below👇.

Nihal Salah
Mar 17 2020

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