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What do the Oscars, Glastonbury Festival and the World Cup have in common?

Aside from the fact that your chance of getting a ticket for either are virtually nonexistent, they’re nowhere near as prestigious – or as pink – as Fused!2019.

We’ll admit that’s a bold statement. But can you engage with your peers and learn from industry experts whilst you’re knee-deep in mud, groaning as England get thrashed 4-0 by Latvia or watching Gwynnie sob? You can not.

But you might be able to come to that cradle of science, London's Royal Instutition, for a day of networking and learning. And who knows, you might even walk away with one of our sought-after Fusie awards.

 Want to know more? Fuse CEO Steve Dineen has the details:


RSVP: Email your RSVP to Fused2019@fuseuniversal.com

Ant O'Neill
Mar 29 2019

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