Fuse comes to America

The Fuse success story continues with our very first US office. We’ll admit it: we’ve had our eye on the US for some time now. And with offices in London, Cape Town and Sydney, Boston’s Seaport District was the obvious choice for our first American office.

That’s partly due to Fuse’s rapidly-expanding US client list (including giants such as Merck and Avon), partly to do with Boston’s position as a hub of innovation – much like the Silicon Roundabout, where Fuse’s London HQ is based – and nothing at all to do with the amazing seafood in the area. Honestly.

Establishing Fuse's US presence is a huge step forward, and it’s a move that’s close to the heart of Fuse CEO and Chief Storyteller Steve Dineen. ‘Establishing a physical presence in North America will help us spearhead significant growth in the region and, combined with our existing offices, it’ll mean that we can enhance the local service and support that we provide, across the world and across time zones.

‘This move will help us grow the Fuse Tribe both internationally and within North America itself. We’re looking forward to sharing our continued success with our customers.

You can find out all the details in our press release, and we promise that we won’t mention anything about Cheers, eponymous ‘80s rock bands, or baked beans. Except that we just did. Damn.

Ant O'Neill
Jul 30 2019

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