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Engagement in the driver's seat

85% of employees around the world are not engaged with their jobs.

Innovative companies are blending internal communications with learning and development in order to build a more engaged, effective workforce. And you can future-proof your business by doing the same.

Ray Cairnes, Director of Consulting talked about this in an earlier post, and he expanded on this in a webinar with Josh Devanny, Head of Sales from Fuse Universal, which covered:

  • How learning is becoming a key factor in employee engagement and retention
  • How you can adopt techniques such as crowdsourced content creation, bite-sized learning, and performance coaching to drive collaboration and engagement
  • How innovative organisations like Ogilvy, Spotify, Hilti, and Omnicom are using these techniques through Fuse to personalise L&D and drive employee engagement

And of course - Fuse being Fuse - it's available online for you to watch right now.

Ant O'Neill
Jun 05 2019

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