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Business is evolving rapidly. The shift from the manufacturing age to the digital age has been a big leap, but while some businesses are still making that move, the next evolutionary step is already here: the social age.

The reality of modern learning is that there is a rapid diversification of technologies and an equally rapid iteration of approach; everyone is constantly changing the way they want to learn. The evolution of knowledge leads to the fragmentation of power, and that’s where social learning makes its mark.

But what exactly is social learning? It’s a formal learning experience that uses tribal wisdom, sense-making conversations and tacit knowledge: using the knowledge we already have within the company, in a language everyone can understand. We currently have the ‘heard voices’ – those formal channels that are permitted to speak. It’s what we want to hear, and it’s under our control... but is it the best way?

What do we do when we're missing out on the unheard wisdom from those authentic voices that will challenge lethargy via social channels?

That's certainly a conversation worth having, and Julian Stodd, author and Captain of Sea Salt Learning agreed. He joined Steve Dineen for a truly eye-opening webinar which (yep, you know how we roll), we've made available below.

We're no strangers to breaking new ground, but this one is essential viewing for those who are keen to unlock the vast potential of this vital field.

Ant O'Neill
Jul 16 2019

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