Dazed and Fused

Fused!2019 may have come to a close, but it'll be a long time before the dust settles (if it ever does). The L&D event of the year was a roaring success: bigger, better and pinker than before.

With the focus firmly on performance, visitors and speakers from all over the world enjoyed a packed program that included workshops, talks, networking and a fantastic drinks reception, rounded out by our awards ceremony - the Fusies.

We saw how Daniel Wellington used Fuse to drive engagement via internal and external competitions; we learned how Avon are using the platform to not only drive sales, but to boost the empowerment of their representatives; and importantly, how Cancer Research UK are deploying Fuse to help in the fight against cancer.

And that was on top of insightful workshops and sessions, such as a glimpse into the future of social learning from Sea Salt Learning's Julian Stodd.

On top of everything, we had the vast privilege of hosting Fused!2019 in the hallowed halls of the Royal Institution, putting our speakers on the same stage as Michael Faraday, Brian Cox and Carl Sagan.

There's far too much to cover in a single post - watch this space for more details...

Ant O'Neill
Jun 14 2019

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