Breakfast of champions

Some mornings are more productive than others, but our first retail breakfast turned the dial up to eleven. We took over the frankly potty Billiard Room of the Sanderson hotel for a morning of networking, discussions and fantastic grub.

Bacon rolls weren't the only thing that got brought to the tables. We had two amazing speakers from Lakeland and the British Retail Consortium, and everybody had something to offer and insights to share about Learning & Development and the world of retail as a whole.

And our next event is going to be even bigger: Fused!2019 is only three weeks away, on June 13th.

Taking performance as the theme, it’ll be a day that’s jam-packed with guest speakers, activities and discussions, rounded out by our prestigious awards ceremony: the Fusies. And it's all happening at the legendary Royal Institution in Mayfair.

Registration is open, but time is running out. What are you waiting for?

Ant O'Neill
May 20 2019

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