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Twenty-twenty mission

It’s the time of year when it’s good to start thinking about making resolutions for the year ahead – or in this case, the decade. But that can be hard to do when you’re also thinking about how to fight for your budget.

It’s a constant battle for L&D teams who are often perceived as cost centres and course creators. It’s clear that making the shift from order taker to value maker needs a strategic approach – but what does that strategy look like and how can you develop one when the pressure is on?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but it is possible to shift your business’s thinking. We teamed up with learning industry expert and thought leader Laura Overton (previous CEO and founder of Towards Maturity) for a webinar that shows how you can:

  • Get ready to take advantage of the year ahead
  • Raise credibility of the learning team within your organisation
  • Learn the language of business (and how to talk it)
  • Get buy-in from stakeholders and the whole business

It need hardly be said that as this is a Fuse webinar, it’s free to view, so it’ll have no impact on that groaning budget; the only thing you’ll need to spend is an hour.




Ant O'Neill
Nov 19 2019

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